Fast command-line navigation, automatic bookmarking, and referencing using fasd

One of my favorite recent productivity discoveries is fasd at It lets you easily jump to directories that you visit frequently.

For example, I have a directory named “caffe-help-barebones” as well as “caffe-help-git” and other “caffe-help-*” directories. Regardless of the current directory, I can jump to it by using z caffe-help-barebones, or by just referencing a unique part of the directory name: z barebones.


Installing is very easy, which is nice since I quickly wanted to install it on all of my Linux systems. There are additional methods available listed on the website. I prefer to avoid PPAs or installing these types of applications system-wide. If you prefer to use these methods, see:

I use the following to install:

sudo apt-get install build-essentials pandoc

mkdir -p ~/.local/install
mkdir -p ~/.local/bin
cd ~/.local/install
git clone fasd-git
cd fasd-git
make all
PREFIX=~/.local make install

Your bashrc should run eval "$(fasd --init auto)". If you want to include it in all of your bashrc’s, even on systems that might not have fasd installed, you can run the following:

echo -e '\nif command -v fasd; then\n  eval "$(fasd --init auto)"\nfi' >> ~/.bashrc

Which appends the following to your .bashrc:

if command -v fasd; then
  eval "$(fasd --init auto)"